UAD Issue 14

Issue 14

Maudlin Elegy in Lennox, Massachusetts

by Alexander Dickow


Chasehews or fangloops and etcetera

scatter in the backyard porch shed

the screendoor of whose

closed shut hard.

Mosquitoes wouldn’t bite yet

during sunshine goes all over still.

Arch is the precise heart in the garden

at the folding up table

of a garden which frontier the overgrown green maples

with also green shrubs.

His eyebrows were overgrown and twinkle

and Jean smiled back.

Arch will overlook the dull lump up close

at a folding up table.

And he dabs a crimped rasp so a lump

could look like the nose, hair, a chin.

Hello, my boy.

While Arch would speak, he can whistle his teeth.

Shrsso, my boy, shrssay now.

And Arch could play a conshrscertina.

Six in the morning sharp, Arch was always strolling down

the corner store and gets his newspaper.

I go sometimes with him to hold Arch’s hand.

After, we walked on back the road having the newspaper.

Then the screendoor will close shut hard.

From in a lawnchair Jean smiled in the garden.

His eyebrows smiled her back

during sunshine went all over still.

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