UAD Issue 3

Issue 3

January 1, 2:35 pm
by Dawn Michelle Baude

Before I entered the after
life I, a mad woman, vacuumed
twice weekly. Toxins are
less compelling here, accepted,
like freckles, some battles
end in the moment of conception,
and so theories may or may
not be dead ends. In former
lives, the last one, for
example, I wagered heavily
against certain kinds of
weather – it had more to
do with qualities of light
than actual temperature,
though dewy skin is what
I feel feeling seductive.
Mental skills change in the
crossing over, and the number
of clouds in the sky is no
longer worth counting. The
range is stable. 23 or
perhaps 92. But boundary is
more of an issue than
ever, being on the other
side, the next page of
the date book, for example,
is probably white.